“In the short time that I was in Kenya my heart fell in love with the Kenya people.  Culturally, I felt a kinship with the Kenyans because of my Mexican heritage.  I saw many similarities with the customs, food, language, colorful clothes and art.  My parents and grandparents were hardworking migrant farm workers who sacrificed in order to better the lives of their children.  I witnessed this same strength and desire in the Kenyans but due to the high mortality rate it is much more difficult for them to reach these dreams.  There are so many widows and orphans, I was a little shocked at the number, and I was humbled at how they continued to persevere.  Day after day, they SHOWED UP in the gardens and fields, the market selling fruits and vegetables, the stream bed hauling rocks and then breaking them up to make gravel, they made bricks and they dug up sand from a river bed.  I loved and admired their resilience, faith and perseverance. They worked so hard but yet it was often not enough for their necessities.  I was privileged to meet Effie who told me that when she lost her husband she and her children only had mangoes to eat.  She said they were so skinny…. but then, GOD found them and saved them!  I can still see the radiant smile on her face!  I left there very much wanting to make a difference and was so happy a few months later to be given the opportunity to provide tuition for a student I had met.  Education provided through One Life to Give can provide a way out for so many of these children.  I thank God for the blessed life we have in America and for the opportunity to share those blessings through One Life to Give.  I am honored to be on the board and I pray that like Effie many other Kenyans will be praising God for the help being given them through this non-profit organization.”