• Rongo Peace Soccer Tournament

      One Life to Give is hosting our 3rd Soccer Tournament in December 2017 We are busy planning out all the details once more for our U16 tournament held in rural Kenya that promotes peace in the midst of political unrest. The community will come together to watch 10 teams work towards taking home a trophy and cash prizes for each player on the top two teams.
      $1,200.00 donated of $2,200.00 goal
    • Miscellaneous Donations

      Here you can choose your preferred level of giving. Simply click 'DONATE', enter your donation amount, select if you'd like it recurring on a monthly basis, and complete the on-screen instructions.
      $6,760.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
    • Education for Everyone

      Did you know that high school is not free for Kenyans? Students have to pay between $200-700/ year for their education.
      $18,431.00 donated of $22,500.00 goal