Imagine sitting in a home made of mud in rural Africa.  The air is filled with a light scent of smoke as the lady of the home is cooking tea over the fire, preparing for visitors to arrive.  Everytime our family travels throughout Kenya we are welcomed in with gigantic smiles, giggles, and warmth.  December of 2017 we had the opportunity to meet in the homes of almost 30 potential students that needed help paying for their school fees.  Many of these homes had several children being raised by a single parent or a grandparent.  Some of the heart-breaking stories involved a child being raised by a complete stranger,  a child abandoned by her father, and drunkard fathers who are completely useless to their family.  We were prepared to let the guardians know that we would cover the child’s school fees but the guardian would have to help with uniform fees and buying the dormitory supplies because we want them to feel involved in the child’s education.  But after sitting in the home and seeing how each family lives it seemed so impossible for them to come up with enough money for these items and for some they didn’t even have enough money to take a 30 cent motorcycle taxi ride to town.  We are grateful to have been there in this situation so we can learn and make changes as needed.  Thanks to our friends and family we are happy to say we were able to add 30 youth to our program this year and we will try to share a glimpse of who these children are because they are amazing!  Thank you for being apart of One Life!