• Workshop Space:::: Job Creation Center

    One Life to Give recognizes that skills are the way of the future for Kenyans and we are excited to give our students hands-on learning experience so they can create their own careers. This workshop space will give young adults in rural Kenya the tools and techniques to create their own business plus give them access to jobs so they can improve their financial environment. Our project will include programs for tailoring, stone carving, carpentry, hospitality, entrepreneurship, web design, and visual arts. With our workshop space being on campus the students in our program and graduates can get paid a reliable wage for the work completed. As the students learn how to create various products they will be taught to be self-motivated learners for life, learn the basics of budgeting, understand the importance of ethics, be encouraged to create their own business that addresses needs and solves problems in their community. The goal is to have the vocational center be self-sufficient through an operating Artist's retreat Inn, farming projects, and through the products made. Who knows where this will all go but as we take these small steps the next path appears! Join us on the adventure of creating this school for young adults in rural Kenya that will truly bless this village for years to come.
    $106.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal