One Life to Give was formed after our family of five lived in Western Kenya for 9 months.  We went there without any objectives and quickly fell in love with the people.  As our friendships strengthened we began to realize the burden put on many Kenyans.  Some 8th grade students had repeated their school year 3 times simply because they couldn’t afford to pay for high school which can cost between $200-700/ year.  United Nations Human Development Reports state 43% of Kenyans are living off of $1.25/ day so you can imagine how difficult that is for a family.  Other teens we met were working in fields or just walking around during the day because they could not afford school.  While we were living there we were able to get six students into high school, four into elementary, and two (20-year old) orphans  into vocational colleges with the help of  our friends and family who donated to cover the expenses.

While in Kenya we partnered with Charity Ball to put on an amazing soccer tournament in rural Kenya in December of 2015.  The youth took pride in prepping the fields for the tournament and the community enjoyed cheering on the eight U16 teams that fought for the trophy, new soccer balls, and cash prizes.  With your support, we have been able to put on the second tournament in April 2017, the third tournament in December 2017, and looking forward to the fourth tournament in December 2018.

We are a young non-profit but we are going strong with 17 students in our program in 2017 and this year we now have 44 students.  We are committed to the youth in this rural area of Kenya and we are striving to reach out to as many children as possible because we believe education should be accessible to all.  Thanks for being apart of giving kids the opportunity to attend school.