Kristen Kimball is preparing to run another Ultra Marathon but this time she is running to bring clean drinking water to thousands in rural Kenya plus give disadvantaged youth the right and access to education.  Kristen is donating this year through One Life to Give’s platform so you can support her and our causes by using our “donate now” page.  Her race will take place in Las Vegas on February 14-16th 2020.  She will be running in the 48- hour Jackpot Ultra Run.  Flat donations can be completed through this site. but here are some donations ideas if you want to pledge to her at

1. A flat amount. Any amount is helpful! $5, $20, or $1000 or more 🙂

2. Per mile/loop amount as extra motivation, i.e. $2 per mile or $5 per loop. If you have two kids, you could pledge $1 per kid, per mile, etc.

3. A flat amount contingent on me reaching a certain number of miles, i.e.$100 if you reach 50 miles, another $100 if you reach 100 miles

4. You can also donate based on a number that is special to you, such as $100 when I reach your age number

5. NEW IDEA: if you own a small business, and would like some free advertising, I will gladly wear your company shirt for 4 loops (10 miles) for a suggested pledge of $200. I will also make sure to photograph myself in it and thank your company on social media!