2021 Summer Update

Hello my friend,

Checks and online donations are rolling in right now (HALLELUJAH) to get students back in school in Kenya!  Thank you donors for covering your student once again with a chance in a lifetime, to attend school.  Kenyan schools have been paying catch-up since the covid pandemic sent the students home for so long.  The school year will be off it’s normal schedule for a couple more years so thanks for being patient with us as we adapt to students starting school mid-year instead of the end of the year.  July 2021 will mark a new school year! We are excited to watch a lot of our students graduate this year but also sad to see them move on to whatever is next.  These kids are so sweet and so much fun!

Some of our current needs are:

 -to get 4 students covered with school fees (about $500 each student)

-to add a well and water tank to the One Life property ($12,000)

Thanks for being amazing human beings!!!


Shannan & John

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