Cultivating hope, change and empowerment through education sponsorship, one child at a time.

One Life to Give is a non-profit organization that is devoted to supporting children’s education in rural Kenya through generous hearts and sponsorship. We are not a school but rather a catalyst for change, raising enough funds to help children stay in school by paying school fees, offering counseling services for the youth and empowering the lives of young girls and boys by giving them a chance to learn, grow and create a future of their dreams. 

The vision behind the mission.

We all know that children are our future, with hearts and minds open, ready to create a world of purpose, but unfortunately most have begun their journey with hardship, limiting their basic right to education, their basic right to dream. These children are either orphaned, living in a single-parent (or grandparent) home or one of their parents are disabled – without their choice, life is a struggle, and the prospect of schooling becomes a heavy burden. This is where we come in, deeply inspired to ignite hope in children’s lives, to provide them with a single opportunity to learn, develop and reach their truest potential, transforming a spark of hope into change, transforming dreams into real possibility.

How you can lend a helping hand.

You can play a huge role in a child’s life through monthly sponsorship. By paying $48.00 per month, you will be contributing to a child’s education, lending a helping hand to keep them in school and support them on their journey to build a future of opportunity, change and happiness.


A peek at the projects that have been going on in Kenya…

The One Life classroom in Kenya where sewing classes are taking place!

We also did a lot of remodeling of the house on the One Life property on our family’s last trip.

We hosted a beautiful football tournament for boys and girls on August 18-22 where every player took home prize money, winning teams received new team kits (jerseys, shorts, and socks) soccer balls, and hand-carved trophies made in Kenya.

Next Project...

High schoolers are beginning a new school year January 2024 so if you sponsored a high schooler last year and want to do so again please reach out to us if you don’t know how much is owed.  If you are interested in sponsoring a high schooler we have five new students that need a donor to help them with about $600 USD per year.

2023 One Life Rongo Peace Tournament

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