Cultivating hope, change and empowerment through education sponsorship, one child at a time.

One Life to Give is a non-profit organization that is devoted to supporting children’s education in rural Kenya through generous hearts and sponsorship. We are not a school but rather a catalyst for change, raising enough funds to help children stay in school by paying school fees, offering counseling services for the youth and empowering the lives of young girls and boys by giving them a chance to learn, grow and create a future of their dreams. 

The vision behind the mission.

We all know that children are our future, with hearts and minds open, ready to create a world of purpose, but unfortunately most have begun their journey with hardship, limiting their basic right to education, their basic right to dream. These children are either orphaned, living in a single-parent (or grandparent) home or one of their parents are disabled – without their choice, life is a struggle, and the prospect of schooling becomes a heavy burden. This is where we come in, deeply inspired to ignite hope in children’s lives, to provide them with a single opportunity to learn, develop and reach their truest potential, transforming a spark of hope into change, transforming dreams into real possibility.

How you can lend a helping hand.

You can play a huge role in a child’s life through monthly sponsorship. By paying $48.00 per month, you will be contributing to a child’s education, lending a helping hand to keep them in school and support them on their journey to build a future of opportunity, change and happiness.


Economically speaking, the majority of people in Kenya were struggling to get by before Covid shut everything down.  As China was trying to get a handle on the crisis in early 2020, Kenya was struggling to protect its wheat and other crops since swarms of locusts were devouring their fields.  Then as cases of Covid appeared,  shops were closed, transportation became expensive, food prices increased, borders were closed, our students were all sent home, a curfew was in place, and everything was put on hold.  As a nonprofit, we chose to do some food handouts to the families that were struggling the most (thanks to awesome donors!).  We purchased the One Life land about a month before the Covid lockdown so the land just sat there for the last year except for receiving a blessing from a small crowd in masks.  The students went back to school in January but they are still trying to make up terms from 2020 so it will take about 3 years for them to get back to their traditional school schedule.  We are just now moving forward instead of floating.  The One Life land is now fenced for security and to show it is claimed land with big plans.  We added a wide gate, put a new roof on an old house on the property in Kenya, and then moving forward on building a workshop space or getting a well for water on the property. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Let's Do This Already!

One Life to Give recognizes that skills are the way of the future for Kenyans and we are excited to give our students hands-on learning experience so they can create their own careers. Project: Job Creation Center will give young adults in rural Kenya the tools and techniques to create their own business plus give them access to jobs so they can improve their financial environment. Our project will include programs for tailoring, stone carving, carpentry, hospitality, entrepreneurship, web design, and visual arts. Our employees will receive reliable wages, receive a meal every day at work, and will be encouraged on how to be a self-motivated learner for life, learn the basics of budgeting, understand the importance of ethics, and we want to give the tools needed for those who want to create their own business that addresses needs and solves problems in their community. One Life to Give’s Vision is to have this workshop space fund our ongoing projects of Educational Scholarships, Clean Water Projects, Soccer Tournaments for boys and girls, and now Job Creation. Join us on the adventure of creating this unique workshop for young adults in rural Kenya that will truly bless this village for years to come. Let’s Go!

To give towards the Project: Job Creation click here

The Lives You Are Improving

Kids Being Kids

Kenyans are hard-working people and they start working when they can walk.  Because of that, we love that we get to give rural Kenyan youth two days of fun at an U16 soccer tournament.   If you are interested in being a sponsor of this tournament then please contact

Youth Soccer

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